Do you use the Sabbath day for the spiritual good of your family?

These are some of the best words I’ve read on the importance of the Sabbath day to family religion. Too many Christian parents neglect to redeem the time on the Lord’s day for the purpose of discipling their children according to God’s word. Life is busy (it was busy in 1880, when these words were written!). So the need for a day of rest is imperative.

“If there is to be any instrumentality to keep alive the knowledge of God, it must have its stated season allotted to it, or it will be forgotten. Thus it comes about that, when the Sabbath is lost, true religion is lost. There is also a vital connection between the family, that other bulwark of society, and the Sabbath. A day of rest from secular pursuits is necessary to enable the parental and domestic influences to come into effectual play. While the working-day world flows on, it absorbs parents and children in its stream, and, indeed, usually separates them by their avocations, so that they are almost strangers to each other. In every civilized community the majority of the people must be toilers. But the wealthy and self-indulgent are in most cases equally absorbed by the equally exacting demands of pleasure. To bring parents and children together, this turmoil of work and amusement must be hidden to cease. A sacred leisure must be provided and protected from the temptations of gain and pleasure, in order that parents and children may be truly reunited around the hearth, the true altar of well-ordered society. There the sacred influences of parental love may play effectually, and the virtues of a moral and pious home be diffused.” (R. L. Dabney)


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  1. Posted by Ben on January 6, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    I like how he emphasizes hiding from the pursuit of gain and pleasure. For me, it’s easy to think of the sabbath as rest from work, but it’s also rest from indulgence. God does not intend for us to watch TV and eat ice cream all day on Sunday.


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