Train Your Children to be Hosts, Not Guests

Here’s a great summary by John Kwasny of yesterday’s opening sermon of our 2015 Missions Festival. Dr. Ed Hartman preached on John 13:1-7, and it was an incredible challenge to our hearts. (If you aren’t following John’s blog each week, I encourage you to do so!)

One Story Ministries

As a Children’s Ministry Director, my favorite week of the church calendar is Vacation Bible School week.  But a close second is going on this week at my church–Missions Festival week.  It seems to always come at the right time, to give me a necessary attitude adjustment and a re-focusing of my priorities.  I (and my family) need to remember what our Missions Festival theme reminds us: that we all must “answer our missionary calling.”basin

The opening sermon by Dr. Ed Hartman was especially profound.  He applied the theme from John 13:1-17, the passage where Jesus shocks the disciples by washing their feet.  Our Lord gives us an example of service to follow–not just for one aspect of our lives, but for life in totality.  But here’s the principle that is life-transforming: Christians are to live their lives as HOSTS in this world, rather than GUESTS.  That’s exactly what Jesus did!  He set aside…

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