If you haven’t ever, or recently, read Packer’s Knowing God, do it this week (or as soon as possible!). 

I’m rereading Packer’s Knowing God again this Lord’s Day evening…and as I begin I’m reminded of how formative and foundational it was for me in late high school/early college. I don’t recall when exactly I first read it, but it was definitely after 1993 (when my copy was published) and before 1999 (when I started seminary). I seem to recall teaching a Bible study in my senior year of high school based off of some of the ideas in it. In any event, I can’t wait to read it again and be refreshed in the truths that first captured my heart theologically. 

If you’ve never read it, you absolutely must. Especially chapters 3, 10, and 18-19! 


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