Ode to a Crockpot (Landon Vick)

Landon Vick, my friend from Cookeville, TN, recently wrote this eloquent elegy for his crockpot. The washing machine my mom and grandparents gave us as a wedding present kicked the bucket this month (on our 14th anniversary!), so this poem hit close to the heart. If you’ve ever had to say goodby to a beloved appliance, you will love this. Landon, Tim Hawkins has nothing on you!

Ode To Crockpot

Goodbye Crockpot,
You will be missed,
We will not forget you,
I promise you this.

You were a gift,
11 years ago now,
Shining, shimmering, bright and new,
As Kandice and I took the wedding vow.

Our beginnings were humble
To say the least,
Beans, soups, chili’s, and stews,
You truly helped us feast.

As we grew together
Exploring new frontiers,
Apple cider, yogurt, barbecue,
You, you crockpot, were without fear.

For hours upon hours you
Would faithfully heat,
Anything we threw at you,
It’s an amazing feat.

I’m sorry for the times,
I neglected your setting,
Choosing keep warm instead of high,
Or just plain forgetting.

We cried the day,
Your handle broke,
I repaired you with duck tape,
But it was a deadly stroke.

We knew the day would come,
We knew it might be within reach,
When we would go to buy,
A new Hamilton Beach.

That day has come,
It’s already here,
Your time with us is through,
But one thing is clear.

When I open the door,
From a long day away,
And smell the wonders,
Of a crockpot cooking all day.

It will be you, you crockpot,
That I will ever cherish,
Your memory, oh crockpot,
It will never perish.


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