My Upcoming Preaching and Teaching at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church

Beginning this Lord’s Day, I will be preaching a short topical series on Sunday mornings entitled “The Doctrines of Grace: Unpacked and Unleashed.” The doctrines of grace (aka “The Five Points of Calvinism” – as we’ll see, there’s really just one point) form the foundation of what we believe about God’s sovereignty in our salvation. Together with the five solas of the Reformation (which Dr. Guy Waters preached on for our congregation last spring), they make up the core of Reformed theology. Whether you’ve grown up in a Presbyterian church or whether you’ve never heard the word “Reformed” before, you need the doctrines of grace unpacked for your mind and unleashed in your life. Unpacked – because it’s so easy to forget what we believe, or how to explain it to someone else, and because the doctrines of grace are the heart of the gospel; and unleashed – because the truths of “TULIP” must shape our piety and our Christian experience. If understanding the doctrines of grace does not make you a more gracious person, if your life is not filled with humility, worship, assurance, holiness, and evangelism, then you don’t really understand them. So I invited you to join us in April and May!

Beginning in May and running through August, I will be teaching a Sunday School class on the “Forgotten Habits of Family Discipleship: Catechism, Family Worship, and the Lord’s Day.” God commands parents to be the primary agents of discipleship for their children. But how do we do this well? What should family discipleship look like? Fortunately, we aren’t the first to search the Scriptures for answers to these questions, and our fathers in the faith have left us with godly examples and Biblical practices for our imitation: in particular, the habits of catechism, family worship, and a high view of the Lord’s Day as the Christian Sabbath. Unfortunately, many Christians have either never heard of, forgotten about, or neglected to implement these habits. In a day and age where we lament the busy-ness of life, and a lack of time to spend with our children, we need to reorient our family lives around the word of God. Even if you don’t have children in the home, you will benefit from examining these three forgotten habits with us.


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