Ralph Davis on the place of law in the believer’s life

“By extension of principle all God’s people are in Saul’s position; we are a people under God’s law, and we need to be. Israel came under Yahweh’s law at Sinai. And that was not a sad mistake. You will never view the law incorrectly so long as you remember that Exodus 20:2 comes before Exodus 20:3-17. Yahweh says, I have set you free from bondage; it was not your doing; only my power decimated Pharaoh, my lamb protected you from ruin, my hand split open the sea; now that you are free, here is how a free people is to live – my commandments. You don’t keep them in order to earn freedom – that has been my gift; you keep them in order to enjoy freedom, to preserve and maintain it, to avoid becoming slaves again to anyone else.” (from his I Samuel commentary, pages 89-90)


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