Thomas Boston on the middle path of the gospel

Edward Fisher, in his 1645 book The Marrow of Modern Divinity, unpacks the middle path of the gospel of Jesus Christ, over against both legalism and antinomianism/lawlessness, namely, “Jesus Christ received truly, and walked in answerably.” Thomas Boston, in his notes to the book, comments:

[This is] a short and pithy description of the middle path, the only pathway to heaven – “Jesus Christ (the way, John 14:6) received truly (by faith, John 1:12; this is overlooked by the legalist) and walked in answerably,” (by holiness of heart and life, Col. 2:6; this is neglected by the Antinomian. The Antinomian’s faith is but pretended, and not true faith, since he walked not in Christ answerably. The legalist’s holiness is but pretended, and not true holiness, since he hath not “received Christ” truly, and therefore is incapable of walking in Christ, which is the only true holiness competent to fallen mankind. Thus, both the legalist and Antinomian are each of them destitute of true faith and true holiness; forasmuch as there can be no walking in Christ, without a true receiving of him; and there cannot be a true receiving of him without walking in him: so both of them are off the only way of salvation, and, continuing so, must needs perish. Wherefore it concerns every one who has a value for his own soul, to take heed that he be found in the middle path.

Amen and amen. May the Lord keep us from falling into either ditch, safe on the gospel road.


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