J. I. Packer on the Trinity and the gospel

“[In the New Testament], the truths of the Holy Trinity and of sovereign grace prove to be not two truths but one. The doctrine of salvation is the good news of the Father’s giving us his Son to redeem us and his Spirit to renew us. The doctrine of the Trinity is the good news of three divine persons working together to raise us into spiritual life and bring us to the glory of God’s kingdom. The Athanasian Creed guards this good news in the way that fences round a field guard growing crops from preying animals. Such fences are needed, but they do not have equal value with the crops they protect, and such value as they have derives from those crops themselves. Trinitarian orthodoxy, in other words, has value only as it sustains and safeguards evangelical faith.” (From Packer’s Collected Shorter Writings, Volume 1, “The Trinity and the Gospel”)


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