Wisdom from Westminster #1 – God Has Made Himself Known

Although the light of nature, and the works of creation and providence do so far manifest the goodness, wisdom, and power of God, as to leave men unexcusable;1 yet are they not sufficient to give that knowledge of God, and of his will, which is necessary unto salvation.2 Therefore it pleased the Lord, at sundry times, and in divers manners, to reveal himself, and to declare that his will unto his church;3 and afterwards, for the better preserving and propagating of the truth, and for the more sure establishment and comfort of the church against the corruption of the flesh, and the malice of Satan and of the world, to commit the same wholly unto writing:4 which maketh the Holy Scripture to be most necessary;5 those former ways of God’s revealing his will unto his people being now ceased.6

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  2. John 17:3; I Cor. 1:21; 2:13-14
  3. Heb. 1:1-2
  4. Luke 1:3-4; Rom. 15:4; Matt. 4:4, 7, 10; Isa. 8:20
  5. II Tim. 3:15; II Peter 1:19
  6. John 20:31; I Cor. 10:11; 14:37; I John 5:13; Heb. 1:1-2; 2:2-4

It is always fitting to turn your thoughts to the glorious reality that God has made Himself known to you. He has written His law upon your heart, and placed your conscience within you. He has hung the moon and stars in the sky, and covered the earth was splendor and beauty. He has also sustained and governed all His creatures and all their actions, working all things according to the counsel of His will. So whether you gaze within your soul, around at the creation, or back in time, you see His divine attributes and His holy will. God has made the truth about Himself clearly evident to every man, woman, boy and girl.

Yet in itself, because of your sinful state by nature, this knowledge serves only to render you inexcusable. It heightens your guilt, because instead of humbly receiving and submitting to it, you reject and suppress it in sinful rebellion. You need more than facts, you need to be rescued from yourself. Yet you will not find the way of salvation by looking solely within, or meditating on the beauty of creation, or studying the history of mankind. To know God fully, you must look to the Bible, in which He has perfectly told you about Himself; about His eternal Son, who came into this world to live and die for the salvation of His people; and about His Holy Spirit, who powerfully reveals the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to those for whom Christ died.

The Scriptures are absolutely necessary, and thus as we are still in the early days of this new year, resolve by His grace to give yourselves to the reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, and communicating of them. When was the last time you read through the entire Bible? Are you remembering more readily each year where stories and passages are found in the Scriptures? Are you growing in your knowledge of God through Jesus Christ day by day? Have you hidden His word in your heart that you might not sin against Him? Does the word of Christ dwell richly in your speech and thoughts? Do you know where to turn to answer the questions of the seeker or skeptic, or to encourage and exhort the wayward or wounded believer? Let your life more and more every day evidence for the necessity of the Bible.


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