God’s mercy and justice are revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ

From the catechism of Edward Dering (1540-1576):

What do you call this true faith? 
This true and lively faith is a full persuasion and assurance of my heart grounded upon the promise of God, and wrought in me by the Holy Spirit, whereby I am fully assured, that whatsoever Christ has wrought for man’s salvation, pertains not only to others, but even to me, and is wholly mine, as surely as if I performed the same in my own person.

How can it be that your sins are forgiven you, and yet according to God’s truth fully punished, with the punishment which God has appointed for sins?
By this my true faith, I see my sins both to be forgiven, and yet fully punished; for in Jesus Christ to satisfy God’s justice, they are fully punished, and yet to me they are forgiven: because in me, they are not punished but in Christ for me, to set forth God’s mercy, and therefore shall never be laid to my charge. In this manner therefore I see the Lord my God to be both merciful and just.


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