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Satan’s Ten Commandments

  1. Worship the creature rather than the one true God; live for your own pleasure, glory, and comfort.
  2. Worship the one true God, and all your other gods, however you please; be creative – do for them whatever you feel will make them happy so that you can get what you want from them (so just do whatever you feel will make yourself happy).
  3. Treat the one true God with flippancy, carelessness, and cynicism; in your speech, thoughts, and behavior, deal with him and his revelation of himself with utter disregard and disrespect.
  4. Spend every day however the hell you please – because life is all about your pleasure. And especially do whatever you want and live for your own pleasure on that day the one true God claims is his day; it’s not his day, it’s your day, live every other day, so live it up, live selfishly, do your thing with your time in your way.
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do – you are the master of your fate and the captain of your temporary soul; the people who claim to be over you, whether in the family, state or any other association, are just trying to keep you from expressing your true self. Fight the power, stand up for yourself, assert your rights.
  6. Hate, hurt, and kill with all your might and with all your skill; don’t give an inch to anyone who stands in your way or who tries to keep you from getting what you want. Be angry – it is fuel for living, and the only way to get ahead.
  7. Never deny yourself one second of sexual pleasure; if it feels good, do it. Lust, look, and live out your sexual fantasies; don’t worry about being unfaithful to your family or friends, because remember – life is all about you.
  8. Disregard the whole notion of “ownership” – if you want it, take it. You deserve it. And never, ever share anything that belongs to you with someone else; let them get it by their own strength and ability, just like you did.
  9. Truth is a human construct, so always create and live and speak your own version of the truth. Remember, you exist for yourself, to gratify your desires and pleasures, so never say anything that will keep you from attaining that goal.
  10. You’ll never attain that goal if you stay content with what you currently have, so fan into flame the cravings for all the great things that others get to enjoy; why should they get to have those pleasures and you don’t? So cultivate discontentment and complaint, or you’ll never get what you’re owed.

In sum: love yourself, love pleasure, love me.